What made you choose SCAD?

Asked by Anonymous

I guess it’s been a couple years since I’ve answered a question like this so in as cliff-notey of a way as I can make it:

Love and naivety.

Didn’t have much interest or experience with art, but my girlfriend at the time got in so I took an incredibly boneheaded romantic leap, applied there and nowhere else, never visited, miraculously got into the art school, got out of the relationship, was stuck there, ended up liking drawing quite a bit, and the rest is history. It was a terrible decision made for terrible reasons that just happened to work out extremely well despite a million reasons why it shouldn’t have. SCAD is a perfectly fine university, has its issues like any art school, but better resources than just about any other — none of that was remotely a factor into going there though.

Moral of the story: make wildly impulsive and short-sighted decisions and everything will work out perfectly every time, always, forever — nothing can go wrong making major life choices based on teenage romance. It worked for me, so it’ll work for you. 

Print by Sam Spratt http://1xrun.com/runs/Daenerys Print by Sam Spratt http://1xrun.com/runs/Daenerys

SIGNED PRINT RELEASE: “Daenerys”  - by Sam Spratt

So I know I’ve been super bad about doing signed prints, I just really don’t like selling you stuff, so sorry about that. I partnered with 1xrun again (they handled Gilded) and did a *beautiful* job on the printing while also letting me keep it actually affordable. The edition is timed and will be up until September 16th. Ships internationally, they do an amazing job to avoid print damage even in those long treks, and the archival pigment print is on this thick ass 16” x 24” 310gsm Museum Natural Fine Art Paper which picks up the color, texture, and wooshiness really well. So share around, you can snag one at the link above or HERE and let me know if you have any questions about it that aren’t answered on the page. Thanks, all!
illustration by www.samspratt.com illustration by www.samspratt.com illustration by www.samspratt.com illustration by www.samspratt.com illustration by www.samspratt.com

"Emmy Portraits" - illustrations by Sam Spratt

A handful of golden portraits of my favorite nominees this year that I’ve been working on: Laverne Cox (OITNB), Ricky Gervais (Derek), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep), Matthew McConaughey (True Detective), and Kerry Washington (Scandal). 

Prints available here

death and art tributes

Art can actually be a beautiful way to pay tribute to death, there’s no wrong way to grieve, and there’s validity in being sad over people you’ve never even met.

But to any artists out there, I encourage you to simply ask yourself honestly if within hours of discovering someone dying, and you’re already putting pen/brush to paper/canvas — why you are, and if you should. Are you doing that because you profoundly want to honor this person you have never commemorated before, or are you capitalizing on someone’s death for self-promotion? If the answer is the former, then a “window of relevance” won’t matter — put weight behind that decision, take care, take your time, and truly make it great.

"Neil deGrasse Tyson" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally got around to wrapping up this portrait of everyone’s favorite astrophysicist. With his huge impact on new generations of aspiring scientists, I knew I wanted the background to be children’s space drawings. With my 6 year-old niece’s planetary masterpieces as inspiration, I did my best imitation with my left hand. (prints available here)

Hi, hey, hello. Tiny PSA — generally speaking, all of you are really great, the messages in my inbox are super nice and I’m Wayne’s World levels of unworthy. But for whatever reason, there’s been a recent uptick in people saying nice things to me (sweet) but do so by also tearing apart other artists specifically by name or even entire genres of art (not sweet). Like instead of people saying “Yo, Sam, I really like your new calculator watch” they’re saying “Yo, Sam, I really like your new calculator watch, unlike Stacey Applebaum whose watch does NOT have any mathematical functionality. What a fuckhead.”

In an attempt to do something nice, you’ve done something pretty bullshitty. If that rare magical feeling that causes you to celebrate someone — may it be for their genetics, their art, their music, their body, their words, their mind, their actions, or any other thing that was enough for you to put that small shred of goodness out into the air — please don’t sully it by shaming others in the process. And that’s really like the bare minimum, ideally you can find something to celebrate about Stacey to tell her too. Thanks, that’s all.