Is digital illustration taking over the traditional art making world?

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All of your pencils and paints are obsolete. Now go throw them out and buy a good quality computer, photoshop, a wacom tablet, and Digital Artist A, B, or C’s “complete ultra super megaevolution photoshop brush pack - complete with over 80 real media brushes that simulate the actual real life IRL drawing painting things.” 

Traditional art will always have a place in the world. I love to encourage people to explore digital because it’s amazing — but it’s not the be-all end-all solution that will phase out the physical presence and texture of an oil-painting or the simplicity of a pencil and piece of paper. It’s a hugely powerful and revisionary medium that has become standard among the more commercial areas of art where time, efficiency, and rapidly correcting client feedback on the fly are integral. However, even as the technology rapidly improves — traditional art will remain relevant (and in certain areas, dominant) because it has a weight, a smell, a history, and a tangible quality to it that even the most awesomely placed pixels won’t be able to have (until we have 3D smell-o-vision time machine printers — then you can be worried).

Thanks to all who came out for the art opening last night. I know it got a little clown-car-ish as we crammed everyone inside the space, so I’m bummed if we didn’t get a chance to meet and say hey properly — but if you came, thank you and hope you had a good time. I’ll have to do this more often.  (I’m that ginger caught in headlights up front)

Breaking Bad paintings - by Sam Spratt

Myself, my buddy Joey L, & a few other street artists will be doing a small group art show “The Allies” on Tuesday, May 20th 8PM @ 37 E 1st St. NYC. I’ll be breaking habits and popping my head out of my studio to be a human who interacts with other humans so if you’re in the New York area, come say hi, see some art (including these guys), buy some if you want, grab a drink or ten, and we’ll hang out. This is not a fancy gallery opening, just some fun art on the walls of a place I’ll be in — anyone is welcome, would love to meet you, and I hope to see you there. You can also RSVP HERE

Damn, “Community” got cancelled — definitely one of my favorite shows. I made this Inspector Spacetime poster for fun … wow, about 2 and half years ago and weirdly enough, this bit of fan art (which ok, yes, is pretty rough to look at now) is what ultimately led me to the work I’ve done with Donald/Childish Gambino. Who knows, maybe Netflix will buy it and give us one more season and a movie. Listening to this in the meantime.

Here’s some more progress on Neil — I’ve been buried away in my art cave so not much to share. Just finished a movie poster for a film starring one of my favorite actors (should debut at Cannes), and started the first of 2 album covers today — now back in the cave I go.