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"Old Works 2006-2009" by Sam Spratt

I get many questions asking about old work before I went digital. They are foundation work from school and not indicative of my current skill level, but they were an integral building block in treating the digital medium the way I do. I don’t think you can properly digitally paint without appreciating and understanding its roots. Here are a few of my works from back when I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design all done in either Oil or Acrylic paint on canvas or panel. (Note: “from life” means that they were done looking at something physically in front of me rather than using photographic references.)

1. Still-life from life. Robotussin cough syrup in front of a mirror showing a cigarette leaning against the backside. Oil on Panel.

2. Finished Oil Study of Peter Paul Rubens second wife. Oil on Panel.

3. Early stage of “2.” showing the process of working in golds and browns and adding in greyscale for the “dead color”. Oil on Panel.

4. Self-Portrait (partially from life as we had to transpose our face onto a classical piece of art… thus the hilariously awful old school clothing Rembrandt wore). Oil on Canvas.

5. Nude study from life. This was just sitting down with your typical art school nude model for several hours. Not the most attractive bunch of people, but great practice. Oil on Canvas.

6. “Friends”. This was a series of 25 portraits I did of my then social circle trying to capture all of their personalities. Each portrait was 2-3 hours. Acrylic on Canvas.

7. Nude self-portrait. In taking a life-painting class, our final was to do a nude self-portrait from life (mirror) in a complex environment. We were allowed censorship so I went with a well placed thumb through the paint palette. Oil on Canvas.

8. Ian Mckellen. This was the second oil painting I ever made and is just based on a photo. At that point I was just trying to learn how you even go about Oils. Oil on Canvas.

9. RIP Uncle Laurence. I’ve posted this before but this was a portrait I did of my Great Uncle before he passed away. It was used at his funeral due to his state of physical disfigurement and ultimately buried with him. Oil on Canvas.

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Weird to look back on this stuff! Any questions?


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