25 year-old Illustrator

Clients: Janelle Monáe, National Geographic, Childish Gambino, Angry Birds,
Game Informer, Tomb Raider, EMI Records, Warner Music, FX Network and more.


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People ask me what brushes I use, and really it’s a hard question because I use many (this is a small sampling of some favorites) and because I also tweak brush settings constantly and encourage you to do the same. In Photoshop, you can turn stock brushes into amazing tools by simply experimenting with the transfer, direction, texture, and dual brush settings. I say experimenting because that’s seriously the best part of it. In the digital medium, it’s easy to make things look synthetic, but often your most random and loose of efforts will yield the most exciting results. This is just what I use, but figured I would put them down for those curious enough to draw inspiration from and start fiddling with making your own.


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