http://1xrun.com/runs/Gilded ($50)

Presently, only my contest winners and Industrial Light & Magic own my ‘Gilded I’ piece, but I have teamed up with 1xRuns to offer a limited TIMED edition of it. That means this RUN will be on sale from 12pm EST today until September 28th at 3pm EST. The edition will be set to the number sold during that time and will close precisely at 3pm EST on September 28th. I wanted to find a way to get this to you all, do so in a way that lets everyone who follows me an equal chance of getting one, offer it for a fraction ( 1/6th ) of what I normally charge for limited edition prints, make sure they’re printed at 13”x19” on thick 330gsm archival fine art paper, and individually signed/numbered to boot. If this goes well, I will try to do things like this more often. Ships worldwide and you can purchase it directly with a frame through 1xRuns.

(Source: samspratt)