Do you have any pieces of full body figures or figures who aren't stick thin and/or muscular? I'm a huge fan of yours and just thought I'd ask.

That’s very much so appreciated, thank you.

While I have a couple from my series for Childish Gambino, beyond that — not really. I might have it backwards in my head, but there’s a lot of pandering and capitalization on the full-figured body type as of late and I’d prefer to let the pieces that are inclusive of it just come as they may naturally — whether through being applicable to the concept, or through aesthetic preference of the moment — rather than via forced variance. If I were a fashion designer, an all inclusive variety in sizes only seems logical to me, but as an illustrator, it just seems skeezy and wildly absurd to try to target people’s weight as a demographic to reach. Those few pieces will certainly not be the last full-figure portraits in my portfolio, but they trickled in without a second thought — and I like it that way.