“Portrait of Alexander McQueen” - by Sam Spratt

I’m not much for fashion. I have a passing appreciation for it—but outside of the occasional project runway episode I got roped into by ex-girlfriends, It’s pretty foreign territory. However, the other day, I “tumbl’d” upon some of his work and postmortem exhibits (which I had seen before, but never in depth), and went down a rabbit-hole of research pouring over what I can only describe as works of art.  It was a pretty experimental portrait, studying and trying to imagine visual elements from his garments/designs into something of a surreal painting—favoring expression/form over traditional likeness.

Even if you don’t give two shits about fashion, I recommend googling “alexander mcqueen savage beauty”—sorta mind-blowing.

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"Alienesse" - by Sam Spratt

In my perpetual pursuit of all things weird and sexy, I doodled my way into this quick alien portrait that turned out to be something of a fashion sketch/makeup design study.

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