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Game Informer, Tomb Raider, EMI Records, Warner Music, FX Network and more.


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Blood Brother Poster - Illustration by Sam Spratt

The Sundance Film Festival Best Documentary winning “Blood Brother” that I painted the poster for opens in New York tomorrow. If you’re in NYC, the film is incredible, will probably make you cry, and as a tiny bonus: you can see the poster all big and hanging out right next to emo Harry Potter. 

Blood Brother @ Landmark Sunshine
Friday October 18 - Thursday October 24
Times: 12:45 / 2:35 / 4:20 / 7:05 / 9:05

Blood Brother Poster - Illustration by Sam Spratt

I illustrated the poster for the winner of Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s a gorgeous and refreshingly self-aware film that I’m happy to be a part of in some small way. It will be making its way around, but I believe the next upcoming screening will be at Sundance London — so you should see these plastered around if you’re in the area. 

Blood Brother Poster - Illustration by Sam Spratt

"Clementine" - Illustration by Sam Spratt

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind was an instant favorite of mine when it came out and remains one of few movies that I’ll revisit every couple years — it somehow manages to keep getting better.

"Tom Hanks" - Illustration by Sam Spratt

Why Tom Hanks? Because Tom Hanks.

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