25 year-old Illustrator

Clients: Janelle Monáe, National Geographic, Childish Gambino, Angry Birds,
Game Informer, Tomb Raider, EMI Records, Warner Music, FX Network and more.


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Sketch in progress of that dragon lady from that show a few people like.

Totally in love with COSMOS. New sketch in progress of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

More progress on RDJ.

RDJ sketch in progress.


Sketch of Idris Elba. I’ll probably take this to finish — eventually.

Rough sketch of an awesome old man I saw on the subway.

Just wrapped up a poster I’ll hopefully get to share in the next month, but here’s some early progress on a new painting (this is just a small snippet of the image)

Some very early progress on a personal piece I’m working on.

Patrick Stewart sketch from this morning.

Here’s a fun little concept/schematic sketch of Janelle Monáe/Cindi Mayweather’s android-innards I made while working on her second album cover, ( this one ).

I needed to make a tattoo for one of my in-progress portraits so I sketched this guy out. I don’t normally like making line drawings beyond initial sketches that will eventually be painted over, but since it’s a lineal/stylized tattoo going on a figure, this was a fun little exception.

I doodle-ized a critter.

"Jeff Goldblum sketch" - by Sam Spratt

Another smaller sketch to break from my big painting.

Peter Dinklage sketch - by Sam Spratt

I’m working on an illustration that will likely take upwards of 100 hours to finish, but in the meantime, I’m determined to take breaks and do some smaller sketches like this. On a related note, this cello cover of the Game of Thrones opening theme song is awesome if you haven’t heard it.

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